Grampa Solarman's Tales Of The Olde Quest: Volume 1

By Tom E
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Grampa Solarman's Tales of the Olde Quest

Listen closely while Grampa Solarman recounts to his grandson heroic, mythic actions of our time that may have helped shape the great Solar Nation of theirs, 600 years in the future.

Charlie lives a quiet life with his parents and his pet Teddy Bear hamster, Hermie. Charlie loves Hermie and takes good care of him. But unbeknownst to Charlie, Hermie lives a double life—as an interstellar space traveler! Hermie introduces Charlie to the vast, violent history of our solar system, of which humanity is totally unaware, as well as fascinating advanced technologies of which we could barely dream. As Charlie learns these intriguing new things and helps in ways he can barely understand, he begins to wonder what else Hermie might be keeping from him. Can their friendship survive this incredible journey?

Grampa Solarman tells the 27th Century fables of Charlie and Hermie’s extraordinary missions as they explore other planets, meet new forms of life, advance the cause of peace in the universe, and, above all, help guide Earth’s future to our best destiny.

About the Author

Tom E is a program analyst with the Federal government, as well as a part-time author. Through fiction, nonfiction and occasional activism, Tom has been writing and advocating for world democracy as we move out into space since 1974. He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and their four children.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 76