Grace: A Journey Of Gods Unmerited Favor In The Midst Of Uncertainties

By Emily Marie Lavalais
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Grace is a journey through the eyes of several women and God’s grace, mercy, and favor for each, enabling them to rise about their challenges and blaze the trail ahead. Each story teaches that no one is perfect, nor do we live in a perfect world. But challenges do not need to be faced alone; God is only a prayer away. Inviting Him into the daily minutia encourages a life of success and peace of mind. He provides courage to face fears and challenges head-on. Through faith in Him, each woman will find their path ahead a little easier to tread.

About the Author

Emily Marie Lavalais has been married to her husband for eight years. Together they have a blended family of three children and two grandchildren. When not enjoying her time with her family, Emily loves singing and making virtual videos with World Changers Church Internationals Mass Choir (WCCI) over Zoom calls. The choir has become her second family, and she loves them dearly. 

Emily has always found Jesus to be her everything. He is the reason she lives, and she loves to worship Him. Through God, she is alive today, as her mother was told to abort her when she became pregnant at sixteen; however, she did not listen, and Emily came into the world. She values the life she has and attributes God for her success and blessings in her life.

 (2021, hardback, 66 pages)

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