Golf Consistency, Exorcising The “Demons” In Your Way

By Greg Schulze
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Golf has been described as frustrating, infuriating, difficult, confusing, among many other vile negatives. Why? Golf Consistency allows the reader/golfer to begin to understand that there are alternative steps they can take to turn the game from one of confusion to one of clarity. Golfers have been led to believe in myths, myths about the physical requirements, myths about proper learning strategies. Greg Schulze is here to help you follow the correct learning path to discover your personal golf potential.

About the Author

Greg Schulze, PGA Master Professional has been involved in golf since the age of fourteen. He has caddied and worked at numerous golf clubs throughout Minnesota and Florida as an Assistant Professional, Head Golf Professional, Director of Golf, Manager, Director of Instruction.

Besides golf, he loves all major sports, including basketball, hockey (he drives a Zamboni at his local rink in the winters), football, and baseball. He has a special interest in weight training and is a Certified Fitness and Personal Trainer.

He married his wife Kristi in 2017. Together they adore their current dogs Maya and Murphy and their previous dog Whitney. He comes from a great family with a brother and two sisters.

Published: 2021
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