Going Postal For Aunty Sam

By Margaret Krivicic
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This book has been 50 years in the making. Today’s social climate, the passage of time, and the privatization of the US Postal Service have finally made it possible for Margaret Krivicic to share her memoir with the world. What was it like for a pioneering woman working as a letter carrier in the man’s world of a Brooklyn, NY Post office in 1969? What was it like being a carrier during the famous Postal Strike of 1970? What nefarious activities were afoot at the station? This is her true story of what happened during her 7 years at the Cypress Station [Federal] Post Office.

While other women were prevented from entering the station, Krivicic was discriminated against, harassed, held at gunpoint, threatened with rape, groped, and assaulted, all while wearing the uniform of the United States Postal Service. How could one woman endure it alone? Discover the circumstances that drove her to compulsively ruminate about a vengeful attack against the postal perpetrators and what kept her from following through on her plans in this unique and inspiring memoir.

About the Author

A vivacious and good-natured woman of 80 years, Margaret Krivicic is an Ohio State graduate who consistently tries new things and delights in meeting new people. She is an excellent cook, an avid reader, and has taken up painting family portraits as a hobby at age 78. Krivicic and her husband of over 50 years enjoy traveling and the great outdoors. They have a daughter and a son.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 214