Going From An Angry Man To A Peaceful Man Is Not An Easy Journey

By James E. McCullough
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When young, many choices people make can lead them to become an angry person. This was the case with James McCullough. Like most people, he could not see what had taken place within his spirit because he could no longer feel his heart. He wanted to share how things make us all feel or not feel and what we can and can not see going on within ourselves because it is easier to be mad at the world rather than face our own mistakes. Everyone must stop running away from themselves and stand in order to see who they may have become by seeing themselves through the eyes of others. After that, you must listen to yourself! Then look within to ask: “Who does Jesus say I am?” and “What road do I want to travel in this life and the next?”

About the Author

James E. McCullough is a generous soul who likes to, when he has extra money, go to the grocery and buy enough to bless several families with food. While he’s out, he also likes to pay for someone else’s groceries or just bless them with money. He is also a dog lover and views his dogs as family as well as best friends. McCullough loves to help people and talk with them and has learned how to be a good listener.

Published: 2021
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