Godward / The Prodigal Steps: Spiritual Wisdom And Understanding Blessed Is The One Who Finds Wisdom, And The One Who Gets Understanding Proverbs 3:13

By Larry D. McClure
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From a young age, Larry D. McClure’s life was rife with tragedy following the deaths of his cousins, neighbor, father, and twin brother. This series of unfortunate events set him on a course to find answers as to why his life was filled with so much pain. Godward / The Prodigal Steps compiles the answers Mr. McClure found to this burning question over a 40-year period. Though originally not intended to be published, after many years of research and study, Mr. McClure came to realize that others could benefit from this powerful and lifechanging experience. Using the Bible as the foundation for his research, Mr. McClure draws upon other sources, such as the readings of Edgar Cayce, the Gospel of Thomas, The Law of One: The Ra Material, and the Unity Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, delving deeper into the “how” and “why” things happen in our lives.

About the Author

Larry D. McClure is just an ordinary man with an extraordinary God. Having been born in poverty, he had the pleasure of sharing the company of others from all walks of life, be it rich or poor, black or white, young or old, male or female, and he found through many conversations that each of us wants the same thing: to know the Truth. Many go their whole life never having found the answer.

Through his research, Mr. McClure strives to help others to find answers and free them of their burdens, for it is only the Truth that sets us free.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 286