Godsent: The Road To Patmos

By Kevin B. Gannon
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Ken Dervin and John Spencer grew up together in the same Pennsylvania neighborhood, and in the same church their fathers founded in 1955. Almost inseparable since birth, they ran together on the playground, then on the football field, with their destiny of one day running the church as Pastor and Vice-Pastor ostensibly set in stone. Not long after inheriting those positions, Kenneth’s faith in God and his church begin to waver when he notices his friend starts to change. John, who was once a devout, passionate, evangelical leader had shifted into a power-hungry preacher on the rise to national fame.

When the opportunity to travel to the sacred land of Ephesus, Turkey and possibly expand the church arises, Kenneth cannot help but feel as if his friend is flying too close to the sun. Conflicted by his own failing faith and his loyalty to his friend, Kenneth must decide how far he is willing to go and whether or not his friend is really leading him to the promised land or his spiritual demise.

About the Author

Kevin B. Gannon is a first-time novelist, and first-generation Irish American. He is a descendant of Mary Bierne who, in 1879 was among a group of people who witnessed an apparition of the Virgin Mary and John the Apostle in Knock, Ireland. Mr. Gannon lives in Mt. Vernon, NY and works with a company dedicated to the care of the developmentally disabled.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 256