God's Warrior

By By Jessica M. Williams
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About the Book

The fate of her people rests on the shoulders of a young woman, Princess Rakkarah. As the leader of the white witches, she alone can stop the dark army from their quest to rule the world. She fights many fierce battles and faces many obstacles on the road to save her people and preserve their altruistic way of life.

Along the way, she relies on her strong faith in God to get her through the struggle, and she learns to accept both the gifts and the challenges He has given to her. With God by her side, Rakkarah is determined to fulfill her prophecy.

Gods Warrior is a suspenseful and engaging adventure. With strong characters and plenty of surprises along the way, Jessica M. Williams weaves a magical story of good versus evil and the power of faith that lies in each one of us.

About the Author

Jessica M. Williams wrote Gods Warrior while still in high school, when she felt a calling to write a story about God's power and love. She is a member of Avondale Missionary Baptist Church in West Memphis, Arkansas, and enjoys camping and playing the saxophone.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 82