God's Kingdom In Revelation: John's Synopsis Of The Bible

By W.B. Oeland
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W.B. Oeland uses his extensive knowledge of biblical writings to create this thoughtful and unique analysis of the book of Revelation. In the beginning of this book, Oeland writes, Certainly, the Bible is our only source to seek knowledge of God and his everlasting kingdom. This statement sets the pace for Oelands writing, in which he addresses many of the provocative and elusive prophecies recorded in the book of Revelation. He ties other subjects into his analysis, including the writings of Gospels Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John. Through this discussion, he writes about Gods promise to Israel and the specific purpose behind each of the four Gospels. Then, seeking out the fate of Israel, he goes on to write at length about Johns prophetic visions in the book of Revelation and what they mean for the fate of mankind. You wont be disappointed by this engrossing critique of the purpose and meaning behind the Bibles many writings.

About the Author

W.B. Oeland was born in Red Hollow County, Florida. He earned a bachelors degree in Christian education and also spent two years in seminary. He currently resides in Santa Maria, CA, with his wife, Barbara. Together, they raised two children: Beverly and Timothy. In his spare time, W.B. enjoys reading, listening to music, and traveling. He was inspired to write this book after reading the Bible a great deal and feeling the need to share his knowledge with others.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 48