God, The Universe, And Man

By Sigmund J. Lawrence
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Spiritualism, religion, and psychology are often at odds. Here, Dr. Lawrence brings his engineering sense of order to the field, and sets forth an over-arching thesis which explains and reconciles these differing areas. He views human life as a process of continual spiritual evolution. In each lifetime we progress in our spiritual development by overcoming both external and internal obstacles. After repeated reincarnations, the lowest soul can eventually become one with God. His concept, which draws upon many other spiritualist thinkers, explains various aspects of the spiritual world. He speaks out on arcane subjects such as seances, ghosts, telepathy, and spiritual healing, relating them to each other and to God. His approach represents an internally coherent basis from which to examine the interaction of the spiritual and the physical world. Finally, this metaphysical view is an optimistic one, offering hope to all. No soul is ever beyond redemption. There is always the option of a new beginning, and a fresh start to the struggle. "This book provides information about God, spoken by God through a medium, never before revealed to humankind."

About the Author

Dr. Lawrence was educated as a chemical engineer. He was active in his professional societies and in the community. He has a lifelong interest in the paranormal and is an active member of the Unitarian Universalist Church.

Published: 2002
Page Count: 68