God And His Precious Mankind: The Poetic Relationship Between God And Those Who Dare To Awaken

By Diane Jordan
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God and His Precious Mankind

With much dishonor of the Godhead—God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, this book speaks otherwise. It honors the sovereignty of God, the salvation of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit; by bringing the kingdom of God, its functions, and its necessity in this world back to the forefront.

These pages will also display The Lord’s intimate connection with mankind. How He embraces us, through His expressions of love, purposes, protections, merciful interventions, salvation etc. And, it’s through our acceptance, that we gain entrance into the most powerful and profound experience mankind have been offered.

In the attack upon humanity, many people are enslaved by the traps in this world: deception, rebellion, perversion, poverty, and lacking knowledge of spiritual things. Through these enlightening poems and commentaries, we’ll discover that we have purpose far beyond human suffering. I’ll address the value of Mankind; Who we are, why we exist; and the obstacles that we face.

Again, we’ll see that it’s the path of God’s righteousness (right way) that gives us the dignity to come out of hiding behind pain, shame, fears and wasteful foolishness, in order to see life.

Life is loud. However, the presence of God is serene refuge. It’s the nourishment that our body and soul craves. It’s the home of our spirit. This book offers a quiet glimpse into life in the spirit. A view of the Creator’s world, through someone who wanted more. And, it is still available to whosoever will accept the invitation; and dare to awaken.

About the Author

Diane Jordan is an Evangelist, and a woman endowed with Godly wisdom. She was raised in a church setting early in life. She’s been active in church participation, including several ministries: choir, ushering, homeless ministry, and prison correspondence. Diane has spiritually raised a successful Son, and assists with rearing her two grand-daughters in Godly wisdom and ways. Diane has a heart that desires to see people standing to full stature, in the esteemed qualities, that God honored us to function within. Qualities that she herself continues to pursue as well. This is Ms. Jordan’s first book.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 130