Gnolminej: A Love's Story Of Life

By Rider E. Drutz
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Set in a world of the downtrodden yet positive, Gnolminej follows a young fellow through self-establishment, where civilization seems much smaller but has perhaps reestablished itself after great population loss.

Filled with pictures taken of the world-building art pieces, be brought into a fantastic world and enjoy a story filled with descriptive language and artwork to rope you in. Read with ideas of starting anew and exploration, and explore the soul of the story. So, come together with Rider E. Drutz as he explains a new world in astounding lettering and informality.

About the Author

Rider E. Drutz is a rockstar of creativity in all forms and a musician, sculptor, writer, and all around advantageous master of all sorts of forms of craftwork. He is a drummer, singer, and pianist of all typologies of music; he tends to create writings which have a musical flow. A spiritualist and realist with a large scientifically-educated background, his writing style has transitioned from classical essays to advanced scientific writing. Drutz holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and is currently working on more books. He hopes to continue working along to plot out his progress toward wordplay perfection in his continuing pursuit of the arts.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32