Gizmo's Great Adventure

By Joyce Johnson-McCue
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Gizmo, a curious little dog, wanders away from home and his mom, Laura, one day to explore the outside world and find adventure. He is amazed at all the wonderful things he finds! On his journey, Gizmo sees children waiting for their school bus, a nice lady who helps him cross the street, an old man who shares his food with him, and even a big, bad, mean dog who bullies Gizmo. But after the long journey, Gizmo realizes hes hungry, tired, and completely out of energy. Can he find his way back home to see his mom again?

About the Author

A native of New Jersey, Joyce Johnson-McCue enjoys gardening, reading, entertaining, spending time with her two dogs and cat, and taking care of homeless animals.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 32