Give Your Dog A New Leash On Life: Basic Obedience Southpaw Training

By Barbara Day
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Give Your Dog a New Leash on Life: Basic Obedience SouthPaw Training

After decades of studying owner/dog relationships and training numerous dog breeds and their handlers, Certified Master Trainer Barbara Day’s quest to offer students better dog training solutions and techniques led her to create the Southpaw Training program. This unique program reinforces the importance of sound leadership and establishing boundaries, limitations and consequences for canine behavior. Handler education, positive reinforcement and patience are the program’s key driving points. Barbara’s teaching expertise is further strengthened through her study and training with some of the nation’s leading canine trainers and handlers.

The Southpaw Training program-with its unique problem-solving techniques and proven success in behavior modification-comes highly recommended by veterinarians and canine behaviorists. Barbara is certified to train in all areas of obedience, behavior modification, puppy training and temperament testing, conformation and more.

Having personally certified and/or titled her dogs in exhibition obedience, fieldwork, narcotics scent detection and confirmation, Barbara has also worked with the area law enforcement to train police service dogs. Her canines have been certified in narcotics, dual-purpose K9 and protection.

Training is one of the greatest gifts you can give your dog. It strengthens owner/dog relationships and creates mutual respect and clarity for you and your dog. Trained dogs are better equipped to respond to crises and the unexpected-which can be lifesaving. Trained dogs also understand what is expected of them if they are to live within a human pack-your pack. So, begin your Southpaw training program today and “Give Your Dog a New Leash on Life.”

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 232