Give A Girl A Gun...

By John Mincarelli
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When he was offered a position as Assistant Innkeeper at the soon-to- open Holiday Lodge in Bottsburg, PA, Jesse Dellerose thought he had it made. Since a successful career in hotel management was exactly what he had envisioned for his future, Jesse accepted the job without a moment’s hesitation. He packed up his Volkswagen Beetle, said goodbye to his life in Johnstown, and headed east. However, upon arriving for work in Bottsburg that April in 1966, Jesse got thrown a curve ball that derailed his plans, leaving him both unemployed and homeless.
Stranded in a strange town, he didn’t know what he was going to do until chance introduced Jesse to a charismatic young woman who seemed to have all the answers. Under the wing of Darla DeLucia, Jesse soon found himself sheltered and working with an unconventional cast of characters whose activities were suspect, if not downright criminal. Now, as he experienced the world in ways that challenged his scruples and beliefs, Jesse was forced to make hard choices that would alter the course of his life — that is, if he survived that fateful year.

About the Author

John Mincarelli received a BA degree in English Literature from Wagner College and an MA in Museum Studies from New York University. During his many years in the fashion industry, he has been a buyer for high fashion stores as well as an executive with Giorgio Armani and a feature editor for Menswear Magazine. He has also served as a Professor of Fashion Merchandising at Fashion Institute of Technology, NY, Marist College, NY, and Polimoda, Florence, Italy.
When he is not traveling throughout Europe in pursuit of cultural interests, he resides in the Hudson Valley, where he spends his time reading, writing and drinking with friends.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 268