Girls, Ghosts, And Guilt: Volume 1

By Troy Decker
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Girls, Ghosts, and Guilt is about Terry, an individual who deals with the paranormal. As we see the story through his eyes, it becomes very intense with the notion of him dealing with his inner self.

Each and every one of us has our own demons to conquer and how we manage to do so. It is a story of struggle: physical and mental. It portrays the way we handle ourselves in difficult situations, shows a human being on the brink of disaster, and how it tears Terry apart from the inside out as he hides his inner self from others in order to be accepted. His life is filled with lies, betrayal and insecurities. Terry is a man who looks upon himself as a child that only wants to do good and be good, but such a life makes his hopes seem impossible.

It is a ghost story that tries to get the reader to imagine being in his shoes and welcomes the reader to feel what they feel.

About the Author

Troy Decker created this story with his own feelings of grief and insecurity in mind, as well as his belief in the paranormal. He is a firm believer in living a life of honesty and respect toward others, and he loves and appreciates the art that others create. He’s a particularly big music fan with an extensive vinyl collection, and he taught himself how to play guitar. He loves nature, hiking, and odd pets, and he’s the proud owner of a ball python and a bearded dragon. He lives in Colorado.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 250