Girl, Listen...

By Nia Chambers
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Girl, Listen… is author Nia Chambers’ story of the obstacles in her life that stood in the way of true happiness. Though we may feel there is no hope for peace, she reminds us that self-love is vital to making good decisions in life and the lack of it will affect every aspect of our life. We must recognize destructive patterns and habits in our lives and work to break the cycles. No matter how hard it gets or how we feel, so we must never give up!

About the Author

Nia Chambers has six young adult children who live with her. They have two cats and three kittens. Nia loves singing and listening to music and watching movies.

Nia has been a part of a community outreach organization called New Vision International Ministries for the past 18 years, and they organize community cleanups, hold food and clothing drives, and give out back-to-school supplies for kids in the neighborhood. Nia also works as a practical community nurse in the urban area of Stamford, CT.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32