Ghosts Of The Superstitions

By Dot Jay Gomez
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A December trail ride in the mysterious Superstition Mountains of Apache Junction, Arizona becomes one of terror and death when uninvited guests appear.

Gina McHenry and her group of teacher friends, innocently decide to extend the ride through Massacre Ground, home to a harbor of Ghosts, foot soldiers in the 1860’s indicated an abundance of death and terror.

Ghost weary wranglers, hired to lead, abandon the group of thirty riders when spooked horses stampede, leaving Rick Del Rio to guide his group out of the superstitions - late at night - during a storm - physically chased by an unknown entity.

Coyote, the Apache teen cross county star, warned “It’s Haunted”, and proved it.

A meeting with Butch, the 6’8’’ clairvoyant, helped explain the evilness of one despearte gold-hungry-ghost.

Pop’s four cycle friends, aka the family farm, decide to spend the night in a local cemetery, accompanied by pickle-nose pete and guy wagner, to prove the fallacy of the paranormal.

A myriad of colorful characters enhance the finale!

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 352