By Melvin Smith Sr.
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So on this special night

I let loose

I say, I love all worldwide

I am being true

Sharing words that I know many

Will open up to

It's my blessings from our Heavenly Father

So I am here to share his message

With you all....

As our world turns, let us all be reminded to become better toward each other. As Melvin Smith Sr. lifts up his spirit to unravel the best in him, let this help you find what speaks to your heart.

About the Author

Hailing from the rugged and hardcore streets of the Morris Heights section of the Bronx, Melvin Smith Sr. managed to overcome obstacles that others would have assumed he would never conquer. Born into a large family and raised by a single mother, he learned how to live independently, with no paternal guidance. Though his struggle was tough, he managed to look at what would otherwise become a catastrophic life into a victorious turn of events. Utilizing his experience as a resident therapist for low-function as well as high-function clients in adult learning and educational skills, he honed his skills that then helped him define his purpose. Melvin realized he wanted to help people feel better. Having a love of poetry writing, he believed that through his words he could reach into the lives of many who needed to know they were not alone in their fight.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 100