Ghetto Demonz: Archangel Series

By Anthony B. Hall
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Ghetto Demonz, the first entry of the Archangel Series, is an epic fictional tale about the incarnation of archangels and Egyptian deities in an urban metropolitan reality. Pretty Boy Valentino must navigate the common tribulations ordinary youth confronts during this day and age. It’s a philosophic and theoretical metaphor for the purpose and reason we must deal with tumultuous life. It’s a fast-paced adventure with a marriage of fantasy and mysticism along with sexiness, glamour, and ruthless principalities that stretch your imagination beyond its capacity. There are a lot of twists, so sit back and enjoy the ride into the realm of Ghetto Demonz.

About the Author

Anthony B. Hall was born in Manhattan and raised in South Bronx, NY. He is a philosopher, writer, poet, and activist who is extremely interested in the growth and development of his and all impoverished communities along with the liberation of those who are unjustly incarcerated.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 252