Getting Too Ahead Of Myself

By Jayani Jayakanthan
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About the Book

Adolescence can be a turbulent, confusing time. The same is true for Jenny Jackson, a young girl who’s just moved with her family to a new town, new school.

Join her as she navigates through her life, encountering various anomalies within her social circle, as well as with her family, learning significant life lessons along the way.

About the Author

Jayani Jayakanthan is currently a college-bound student. She hails from a family of six consisting of her parents, two younger sisters, dog (brother) Jellybean, and herself. Her favorite drink is boba tea, and she loves Indian food.

Jayakanthan’s hobbies include social/environmental activism, drawing, writing, and music. She writes to put her thoughts onto paper and analyze them. She is an imaginative individual who likes creating crazy worlds—particularly dystopian ones. Getting Too Ahead of Myself, which she has been writing since eighth grade, is extremely personal to her, as she hoped to capture the small lessons she learned throughout her young life in the character, Jenny Jackson.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 434