Get Tough Or Die

By Rodney S Cable
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Get Tough or Die is about being raised in a family where excuses were not acceptable. The parents were tough, but lovingly provided for all needs. These stories offer a lot of humor, numerous OMG moments, accounts of amazing successes, and support for parents wanting to make sure their kids can face adversity in life. It details some of the things done right by these parents, however a longer book about what they did wrong will not be forthcoming.

About the Author


Rod Cable totally enjoyed his forty-seven years as a math teacher/counselor in public high schools. Teaching math was the most fun he ever had outside of family and playing college basketball. Cable believes learning must first be fun, and after that, you can teach kids almost anything. Cable coached four different sports and emceed more than eighty school dances. He has kept the scorebook for De Soto volleyball for the past forty-four years. He went thirty-nine years without missing a day of school and none of his three daughters ever missed a day of high school. Get tough or die! For the past five years, Cable has been a voting member of the De Soto Hall of Fame. Several of their recent inductees and their remarkable stories are mentioned in this book. Cable is an avid golfer, has qualified for the Missouri Amateur, and currently has three holes-in-one. He and his wife, Jane, have been married more than forty years and have three very different grandchildren to spoil.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 128