Germaine The Giraffe's Farmyard Family

By Megan Weber
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Germaine is a tall, beautiful giraffe whose life changes drastically when he loses his sight. Life at the zoo isn’t fun anymore. The only thing anyone notices about him is that he can’t see. Germaine the Giraffe’s Farmyard Family follows Germaine as he leaves the zoo for somewhere he will be accepted and happy again. After a long bus ride, Germaine finds a kind farmer who welcomes him with open arms. The farm is filled with friendly animals, too. Will he find his happy place among these new friends? The author wrote this book to help spark conversations about strong friendships and the sense of belonging. She says, “Finding your core group of friends who accept you for being an individual and being unique is so crucial. Friends can be from any background and have any abilities. I find that communication around these hard topics can be difficult to start with our young children. The bullying and singling out of kids isn’t going to stop until parents take up these hard conversations, and I hope my book will spark discussion around those topics.”

About the Author

Megan Weber grew up in the Midwest in a small town where her family farms. Family always comes first and you are taught to care for your neighbor. Due to this mentality, she pursued a career as a pharmacist. She currently has the privilege of caring for her community through her career as a retail pharmacist. She met her husband in college and has since had three beautiful children. These kids mean the world to her. She enjoys watching them grow and learn every day. When she is not caring for her family or her community, she enjoys reading and doing puzzles. She also enjoys a peaceful evening snuggling her black lab, Koda, around a crackling fire in her backyard.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 30