George's World Of Questions: George The Golden Retriever

By Maura Weis
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George, a golden retriever puppy, is so excited to go to the dog park with his mom! But when he gets there, he is confused by what he sees: lots of different dogs who look nothing like him! George’s mom decides to take him on journey to learn how different things in the world can be—from animals to flowers and even people, too!

About the Author

Born in Manhattan, New York, Maura Weis currently resides in Lake Worth, Florida with her husband and their three dogs. George is her Golden Retriever who inspired her to write this book. She is a mother of two adult children. Maura is an equestrian and a self-proclaimed animal lover. Having a child with special needs, she and her husband founded Hannah and Friends, a charity that provides homes for adults with special needs.

About the Illustrator

Marcela Burt enjoyed painting as a child growing up the youngest of five in Managua, Nicaragua. After moving to Key West, getting married, and starting a new chapter of life in the sunny Florida isle, she rediscovered this passion and talent. It came to be at once therapeutic and relaxing. As her friendship with author Maura Weis grew out of Marce’s genuine love and obsession with Golden retrievers through various social media groups and platforms, she eventually began managing a fun Facebook page about Maura’s real-life dog George. Together they came up with the plan and idea of developing George into an adventurous and mischievous children’s book character. Marce’s watercolors and digital art populate the pages of the Grumpy George series with a fun and playful style that matches both her own personality and the tone of the book.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 30

Customer Reviews

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Corie Kooi
George is the Best

I purchased this book for my income childcare setting and my kids love it. Not only does it teach about the difference in dogs & people, it also teaches about the seasons of the year. Not to mention that George's Facebook page helps sad kiddos turn into happy ones when they see his sweet face.

Denise Crocker

This is such a wonderful little book. Love the story and the message that it speaks to. Nice easy reading & cute illustrations. My grandchildren loved it!

George’s Book!

I love the book! I am a huge fan of George and his lovely Mom, Maura! We are friends that have never actually met. I love the story; it teaches us so many things about appreciating people‘s differences. Thank you George, Maura and Marce!!! ❤️