Gentlemen Be Warned Of A Determined Miss

By Brooke Comeau
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Young Ransom, son of Laird Murphy of Ireland, is sent away from home at the age of fifteen for his own safety. Banished to a boarding school in England, he befriends Gabe, the son of an English duke.

While on Christmas break, Gabe brings Ransom home to Trentwall Estates, where Ransom is taken aback at his first meeting with Gabes younger sister, Charlie. More tomboy than lady, Charlie is too boisterous, too outspoken, and too quick to reach straight to his heart. After a memorable Christmas, Ransom is still left of thoughts of the young girl.

Years later, Ransom returns to England from the sea to visit Gabe with a favor to askhe wants to end his familys feud with a neighboring clan. Back at Trentwall Estates, he finds a sight he never expected: a breathtaking, womanly Charlieso different from the young tomboy he knew, but with a heart still the same. How will Ransom honor his familial obligation and still claim Charlie as his woman?

About the Author

Brooke Comeau lives in the mountains of New Mexico With her Dashing Husband and 2 Daughters who are modern day hoydens. Brooke credits her sister Bridgette, for challenging her to follow her dreams, and her momma and aunts for her love of romance novels.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 150