By Amy Hansen
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A woman wakes up in the forest not knowing who or where she is. She hurts, is hungry, and does not remember what happened to her. Slowly, words and people flood her brain. Her name is Claire, and she’s lost in strange place with a danger she does not understand. When she is discovered by a band of strangers, they are immediately distrustful of her, and the feeling is mutual. These people have been living off the grid to avoid creatures known as “Hybrids” the government has created. Through her captivity, flashbacks reveal Claire’s true identity and purpose. Dark and sinister motives outline the story of her past and ultimate abandonment. With Hybrids on the prowl, Claire must now discover her past in order to save her future.

About the Author

Amy Hansen lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband and three children. She’s an avid reader and loves photography, camping, and her cat Salem. Amy is also currently working at a gene editing company based in Utah. This is Amy’s first novel.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 182