Genesis, Faith And Science: Let There Be Light

By Russ Breighner
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Creationism's literal interpretation of Genesis is not valid; Intelligent Design is superseded. An analysis of the Creation texts in Genesis using current scientific knowledge shows a Creator intimately involved with perfecting His work. Gone, too, is any possibility for spontaneous evolution, yet Adam may have been selected from a pool of near-human creatures. How he was different from these, and what has been their fate is part of this analysis.

In Genesis, Faith and Science: Let There Be Light, Russ Breighner specifically relays the plea of the current pope, Pope Benedict XVI, who makes a case for the squaring of science and religion. The pope accepts the Big Bang theory and the science of an evolving cosmos, holding that no laws were miraculously broken. Science and faith are complimentary paths to discovering truth. Any animosity between them is out of place.

About the Author

Russ Breighner finished his undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland, with a minor in biochemistry and a major in Russian language and literature. He also has both a master's and doctorate degree (ABD) in Russian studies, both taken at Georgetown University. Russ retired from the Defense Intelligence Agency where his career assignments brought him successively deeper into the fields of science and technology. His work included briefing the White House and Congress, as well as drafting chapters for National Intelligence Estimates.

(2012 paperback, 28 pages)

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