Generations Of Homemade Life

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Generations of HomemadeLife

Heather Burandt

Through anecdotes, humor, and positivity, Heather Burandt has shared her love for food through the pages of this cookbook. The recipes in Generations of Homemade Life are the dishes she grew up watching the most important women in her life make as love for their families. The cookbook is perfect for those who have dietary needs. Because Burandt has UC, she doesn’t make things with cows’ milk, but she still gets flavorful dishes. Some are full-on recipes that have all the fat and sugar, but there are also those that have less sugar and give a variety of other options.

Through her cookbook, Burandt reminds her readers to follow their heart. She hopes that everyone finds these passed-down recipes as delightful as she does and that they enjoy the new ones she came up with.

About the Author

Heather Burandt loves to cook, it's how she shows her love. If it weren't for battling an eating disorder and going to treatment, she believes she would have never found her love for cooking and catering for people.

Burandt has two children: Dale, age seventeen and Piper (Pie), age eleven. She was adopted into a loving family by her parents. Grannie, who she watched in her kitchen at the farm in Oklahoma, taught her family recipes. Grannie (Hazel Chessmore) just celebrated her 100th birthday.

Burandt's hobbies are spending time with her family, entertaining, traveling, and cooking. She also loves to watch TV and read books. Burandt is currently working on her History degree at Wichita State University.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 116