By Jeff Medeiros
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Ever get the midnight creeps? Ever find yourself in the thorny grip of mortal terror? Ever hear the tale of a woman who said when she was a child, a strange tree tried to eat her? Scarred for life and plagued by nightmares, she returns to her abandoned village to face her childhood fears. Meet Morty the Sly and he’ll introduce you to his “little lovelies” and the curse of Newport. Or sail far and deep to a lonely island inhabited only by an eccentric seafarer and his unique nautical exhibits, just don’t get too close to the tanks. Read the story of the odd Silver Baden and the woodchipper. Sometimes, you must nip evil in the bud. Ever hear the legend of the terrifying Frogman of New Hampshire? Do you dare join the expedition up the mountain in the night? Don’t forget your camera and follow Claudius the cryptozoologist, but don’t be too rattled, for who fears a beast with no mouth to speak of? Hear the story of Gretta Garrabrandts, a brave young girl who took on a devastating and malevolent alien entity on her own. Meet a man with a dark and twisted mind, tortured by devilish dreams, cryptic whispers in the night, and the scratching within the walls.

Just heed one warning: the content of this book is not for everyone. If you start to feel strange as you read, as if you’re going through some sort of transformation, quickly close the book and distance yourself from it, for there is a strong possibility the reader just might end up like one of the characters in the stories, just as the author has.

About the Author

Jeff Medeiros was born in Newport, RI in 1971. He has enjoyed reading ghost stories since he was a child, and even claims to have lived in several haunted locations. He spent part of his youth writing poetry, action adventure, science fiction, even lyrics to songs he would hear in his head until he found his true niche in the horror genre. Three of these stories in the first book are songs he wrote years before: “Night Things,” “Shark on the Shore,” and “The Eye of Cy.” An amazingly talented artist, Sasha Kouznetsov, also of Newport, was inspired to illustrate each story. Medeiros is also passionate at woodworking, taking much pride in making picture frames for the many illustrations, as well as several baby sized coffins, copper inlay and all, in which he carries his books about. His main inspirations are the great Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. His stories are dark and weird, but remember, without weirdness there is no originality. Medeiros resides in Tiverton with his wife, Stephanie Bennett, and his cat Samwise, and is proud to have most of Maurice Sendak’s monsters tattooed on his back.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 278