Galactica, Book I

By Katharina Harer
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A dreamer and soul-searcher on a constant quest to understand her true self and the nature of the world around her, Livia has never quite fit in. After losing her way one foggy day, Livia discovers the reason for her disconnect from the Earthly world when she stumbles upon a beautiful crystal castle that transports her to a planet occupied by highly evolved beings who treat her as a long-lost friend. Elija, one of the leaders of the planet its occupants call the Arch, takes Livia under his wing and introduces her to a wondrous cast of characters who assist her in discovering her true identity: an ancient and powerful being capable of creating her own reality.

Alternating between Livias voyage of self-discovery and her attempts to assist her friends back on Earth in resolving their own struggles, Galactica is a story of the limitless capacity for spiritual evolution that lies within us all.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 132