Gage…My Beautiful Boy

By Tonia Root
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The Inspiring story of a fight for life!

A three-year-old little boy pleads with his mommy to let him take a ride in a pull-wagon with his aunt to buy some chewing gum. Her gut reaction is to keep him close, but she gives in to her excited little baby’s need for adventure. That reaction moment will become the result of an applied force resulting in great tragedy.

Taking a short cut home through a construction site, happily trying to catch butterflies from his wagon, the little boy, unbeknown to his aunt, catches sight of a big, blue, butterfly and spontaneously jumps out to catch it. The aunt swings around and sees a car heading in the boy’s path. What happens after that is unspeakable.

About the Author

Tonia Marie Root, was born in Lansing Michigan. She and her siblings were raised by a single mom in Battle Creek Michigan. They experienced the usual sacrifices that come with a one-parent family, but the one thing that remained constant throughout her young life was love and family. That would prove to be a great training ground for what lay ahead of her. Growing into womanhood, Tonia’s life faced the usual trials and tribulations that come with entering the workforce and the world of dating. Personal disappointments shadowed Tonia, but unbeknown to her she was being prepared as a warrior and a fighter, destined to face enormous odds. As a young single mother of a three-year-old son, carrying another child, her world got shattered beyond belief. Tonia had never aspired to write a book, but her ten-year journey warrants the telling. This is a story of great courage, conviction, determination, and faith.

(2019, eBook)

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