Futuristic Transacta

By Kenneth Musser
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About the Book

Be prepared to be transported into a future Earth, where the world is joined under one government, with one shared language, using one common form of currency. It is in this future Earth where David, chief enterprising officer for Universe Transacta, delivers his creative vision of new technological developments to the audience of the companys astro conference. Davids visionary glimpse of the future involves the development of powerful tele-bio-cyber marketing systems that will positively impact the universe in a number of ways. Holding a wealth of possibilities for use as a marketing tool; a method of delivering news and data; a means of transporting resources and people; and a unique way to communicate music, art, and images, Davids creative conceptualization has the promise of developing and enriching civilization worldwide even universe-wide. Enter into the intriguing realm of Futuristic Transacta to learn more of the promise of tele-ray technology and the reception Davids vision receives with its promise of an ideal communal universal society.

About the Author

A graduate of Hope College in Holland, Michigan, the author also holds a masters degree from Michigan State University. Kenneth Musser currently resides in Pennsylvania, where he devotes much of his time as an author, designer/inventor, poet, and songwriter/lyricist. Futuristic Transacta is the authors nineteenth published book.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 40