From The Hood To The Heights

By Tanisha Jamison
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Growing up in the notorious and poverty-stricken part of Cleveland, Ohio, Tanisha Jamison almost gave up due to the vicissitudes of life that trolled her. This promising, talented young girl aspired to become a world famous artist, but that dream changed when she became a mom at the age of sixteen. She worked hard to finish college, but depression set in and crushed things further.

Childhood setbacks, early pregnancy, depression, psychological trauma and damaging family addictions all rocked Tanisha Jamison's humble beginning. Despite everything, Tanisha never pitied herself. Through this book, Tanisha dissects the effects of being born from a poor environment and shares her journey From the Hood to the Heights.

About the Author

Tanisha Jamison is an American author of ten self-help business books which majorly focus on true life lessons, doggedness, and financial freedom. Tanisha is best known for her self-help lessons, seminars, books, classes, and some humanitarian engagements.

Tanisha Jamison is now a mom of four and a wife to her soul mate. She is presently a business owner to many firms, but she still strives to expand more, because the sky is just a starting point. As a life path coach, an author, and business owner, Tanisha encourages everyone to take pride in their businesses and never allow others to use them. Your success story begins when you start knowing your worth.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 84