From Sail To Steam: Gerard, Back At Sea

By Judith (Judy) Romer Hathaway
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About the Book

In From Sail To Steam, this internationally recognized author presents a true accounting of the sailing career of her Dutch grandfather, Gerard Koper, as he transitions from serving on glorious full-rigged sailing vessels to the more sleek and efficient steam engines. This book serves as a follow-up to her first book, From Windmills To Waves.

Here the reader will enjoy the adventures of Gerard as he goes whaling, rescues stranded sailors from the high seas, hunts alligators and boars, and learns to defend himself and his crewmates from pirates and natives in Indonesia. In addition to tracking the routes of Gerard throughout the world and imagining oneself in such experiences, the reader should recognize the young age at which Gerard carried out such responsibilities. Gerard was truly a brave and courageous young man.

About the Author

Judith (Judy) Romer Hathaway is a career educator who has lived in Winter Park, Florida since 1978. She has taught school in Ohio, California and Florida, and practiced School Psychology in Florida. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education and a Master and Specialist Degree in School Psychology. Her life’s focus has always been on children and learning, with special attention to her own three children and seven grandchildren. She enjoys playing golf, taking pictures on her many travels, playing bridge, participating in water aerobics, plus reading and writing. Her travels have taken her throughout the world, oftentimes with her sister and grandchildren. One of her most memorable trips was a voyage to Holland and Belgium where she visited her grandfather’s birthplace in Den Helder and his home in Amsterdam. She was able to visualize her grandfather’s childhood and early life throughout the Netherlands.

She wants to preserve this true history of her grandfather for her own children and grandchildren.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32

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Mary Cait
A story of adventures in sailing in the late 1800's based on true life events

This is a wonderful book based on the true life of a young man named Gerard. His granddaughter, the author, compiled this story based on letters he wrote to his daughter. Gerard experiences were far more thrilling than one could imagine for someone so young. An exciting book for readers both young and old.