From Place To Place: The Journey Of Survival Of A Teenager During The Holocaust

By Bernardo Szwarcbart
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About the Book

Maurice is a young Jewish boy who miraculously survives the German persecution in his escape from Nazi occupied Belgium all the way to his arrival in Brazil after World War II. This unlikely survival is filled with many perils. It is based on the amazing life of the author’s father and based on research on the Holocaust, stories his father told him, and some creative liberties where there was a lack of information in a few instances.

Anti-semitism and Holocaust denial are becoming an increasingly common problem in the world today. This book yearns to show that racism and persecution should not win, that there is hope even in the darkest times and toughest challenges, and that the total annihilation of the Jewish people, and the other peoples targeted by Nazi genocide, should never be attempted again.

About the Author

Bernardo Szwarcbart developed a passion for reading and writing from his parents. As a Human Resources professional he wrote articles for magazines and also had an HR blog. Along the years, Bernardo became passionate about the multiple tales related to Holocaust survivors - his father one of them. He realized that as generations of survivors are disappearing, there was a need to continue to recount the stories so that the Holocaust is not forgotten, nor repeated.

Bernardo loves reading, hiking, music of all genres, and, of course, writing. He is married with one son, and lives near Atlanta, Georgia.

Published: 2023
Page Count: 596