From Mom And Dad To You

By Kendell J. Kelly
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From Mom and Dad to You is a book about you and for you, dedicated to all children of this world. It will teach you your first steps, how to count, how to see things around you, how to love, how to reach for the stars, how to enjoy, how to grow, how to listen, how to love animals, how to keep the planet healthy, how to be a true friend to your friends, how to be happy children. The author put all his love for his children in this book and tried to show you how much moms and dads care about you and look forward to being a part of your world.

From the moment you saw this world both Mom and Dad are here for you to strike a balance in your lives. Moms and dads are the most important beings in your life when you are little. They give you love that you will share with your loved ones later in life. Through the stories in this book you will find the meaning of love and support that you may need later in life. This is a book that mom and dad will read to you at bedtime or when you are enjoying your time together. This is a book to keep your family together, to enjoy and to laugh with.

About the Author

Kendell J. Kelly was born on January, 21, 1983 in New York. This is his first children’s book. He has been interested in writing since his earliest days, but he has kept his notes for a long time only for himself in his numerous diary books. He is working heavily on another book that will also quickly see the light of day. He is interested in working with children through sports. He plans to become a basketball coach. He loves to spend time with his children, read, play basketball, and travel. He loves to communicate and interact with people every day, learning from them and his surroundings. He plans to publish many more books in the near future with promises of wisdom and adventure.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 38