From Kongo Central To The Americas Via Europe: A Cultural Overview

By Adrien Ngudiankama MPhil., Ph.D
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From Kongo Central to the Americas via Europe: A Cultural Overview is an odyssey. An autobiographical ethnography of dialogues with cultures and social dynamics in three different continents that are Africa, Europe, and the US. After interpreting some social and cultural realities from his native Kongo Central and from his experiences in Europe and the USA, the author lands with a look at the relational dynamics between African immigrants, Afro-Caribbeans and African-Americans. Always based on his ethnography, he dialogues with scholars such as Philippe Wamba, Nemata Blyden, and Ali Mazrui. The author speaks of the urgency of a pan-African emotional harmony in our global village.

About the Author

Adrien Ngudiankama MPhil., Ph.D is a pastor, anthropologist, theologian and health promoter. He likes movies, sports, and good food.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 258