From Heaven To Hell To Healed

By Dani Leigh
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About the Book

From Heaven to Hell to Healed, How to Survive and Thrive after a Narcissistic, Sociopathic Relationship is a raw story of survival. The yo-yo of what, by appearances, was the ideal relationship that is then shattered by a harsher reality than anyone should have to face. How do you deal with going from elation to suddenly being dropped onto the cold hard ground? There are three distinct states of the process: the falling, the discovery and pain, and the healing. The author hopes this account will help readers know that they are not alone in facing these difficulties and that they can get through it all and eventually heal. 

About the author

Dani Leigh is a single mom with two kids. She is a licensed massage therapist and life coach. She loves traveling and volleyball. She stands up for those who can’t and helps women and children find a voice for those suffering from abuse and neglect.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 96

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Great book

Dani's account of how she lived through and prevailed after an unfavorable relationship, is not solely for women. I have realized that I have been almost the same situations with the roles being reversed. Dani has also made me realize there are definitely behaviors that I want to strive to make better!! 'From Heaven To Hell To Healed' is a must read whether you're on your first crush or your fifth divorce!!