From A Lonely Soul To A Loving Heart

By Christopher Bozo Schwab
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From a Lonely Soul to a Loving Heart

From a Lonely Soul to a Loving Heart chronicles all of Christopher Bozo Schwabs love to give. Christopher wants this world to be a better place. He thinks kindness and love are the first steps to get there. He wants to pass down what his family and friends have taught him. He wants kids to learn the old school ways that make this world great.

Someday Christopher wants to be number one in someones heart, and he recently found someone who does that. She is amazing. He wants all of his readers to read what he writes as if they wrote it themselves. He wants them to see his words and use them in their own life stories. He would love to hear back from his readers and see how they saw his words in their life, their smiles and tears, their frustration and happiness from his book.

About the Author

Christopher Bozo Schwab is a single dad of three. He has a son who is sixteen and twin girls who are fourteen. He works in a local dairy and loves his life. He and his family go camping, fishing, and ride ATVs in their free time. Christopher loves going to NASCAR events, baseball, football, hockey, and basketball games. He also loves going to concerts of any kind, and he loves coaching children in sports. But his favorite passion of all is putting his heart on paper for all to see.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 54