By Patty Fee Yates
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Did you ever feel like you didnt have any friends? If you look around you, you might be surprised to find there are more friends than you thought. This is what young Jack discovers as he sets out for a walk one day. He feels sad and sorry for himself being all alone on his parents farm. But as his walk continues, he finds more and more creatures who feel just as lonely as he does. As the group grows in size, they start to learn that their differences do not matter and they all have something to offer one another. Join Jack and his growing troop of friends as their journey continues and they learn more about one anotherand themselves.

About the Author

Patty Fee Yates wrote Friends to share the moral that it is important to be happy and have friends and that you can have fun with whatever is available to you. A self-employed wife and mother of two, Yates also enjoys two grandsons, Ryan and Wyatt, and four granddaughters, Priscilla, Charla, Jessica, and Carey.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 42