Fresh Eyes Solve Problems Easier: The Self-Love Relationship Project

By David Johnson
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Fresh Eyes Solve Problems Easier: The Self-Love Relationship


About the Author/Book

David Johnson was born in the Bronx, New York, but he never felt like he fit in or had his own identify. His mother died when he was ten and his older brother died when he was fifteen. This was the point that David realized his purpose in life was to help people find the brighter side in life and to help guide them toward a better relationship with themselves and with others. David received his master’s degree in counseling and then his certification for professional coaching to learn how to connect with people to the best of his ability. After years of experience and trial and error, David now collaborates with clients to ensure that they become their best selves, not only for the people around them, but also for themselves. Find out more about David and Co-Lab Coaching at

The lessons woven throughout Fresh Eyes Solve Problems Easier are not just random lessons David picked up from sitting in a classroom or reading a textbook. Instead, each featured lesson is packed with personal anecdotes and honesty about how David tried (and often failed) at implementing each self-love lesson into his own life and relationships. David now owns and operates Co-Lab Coaching, and he coaches his clients using practices similar to those found throughout the book. The lessons David presents will help the reader to realize the need for self-love in relationships and in life. David’s book offers a unique approach to tackling common relationship problems by first looking at oneself and the self-love we practice as individuals.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 144