Frankie Finds Her Courage

By Annie Streit
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Frankie the sweet Basset Hound is so good at finding things. She can find everything!

…Except her courage, which holds Frankie back from all the things she wants to experience; she is far too scared to try anything new. Where could her courage be hiding?

With a little help from her wonderful friends, Frankie will find her courage and learn to be the best she can be—and she is excited to share what she has learned with you!

Frankie Finds Her Courage is the fourth book in Annie Streit’s rhyming picture book series, following Scooter and His Scoot Scoot, A Dog Named Bird, and Rough and Tough T-Bone. Each book in the series focuses on topics that many children experience while growing up, such as accepting differences, empathy, overcoming obstacles, and the impact of kindness and forgiveness.

About the Author

Annie Streit graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Social Studies Education. She started writing children’s books in 2015. She resides in Angola, IN, where she does most of her writing, reading, and speaking events, but she also spends time in Noblesville, IN. Her stories stem from her own experiences of navigating through life in a wheelchair due to a diving accident in May of 2005.

Along with being an author, Streit has found a passion for motivational speaking to audiences of all ages about her life experiences, overcoming adversity, and her journey through life with a spinal cord injury. She visits schools to speak to students about the topics in all of her children’s books. When she’s not writing, Streit truly enjoys working with children, being an advocate for those with disabilities, and spending time with her family.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 32