Frankie: A Tale Of Love, Passion, And Murder

By Michel Tyree
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Frankie is a fictional coming of age story. It is about a little girl with a dream of using her God given gift of singing to pursue her dreams.

The story begins with her daughter Brandie narrating her truth as she prepares for her mother’s funeral and her emotions up to her mother’s burial. With family, and her mother’s best friend by her side, Brandie weaves through Frankie’s struggles, dreams, love and disappointments, and most importantly Frankie’s need to find her prince charming.

You will not want to put this book down as you anticipate each character’s storyline and how they will affect Frankie on her life long journey. This is a story for all ages. An exciting story, with characters that engage your imagination, a story that has you yearning for more at the end.

About the Author

Michel Tyree is a native of California. She grew up and graduated high school in Sacramento. Right after graduating high school Michel relocated to Houston, Texas. Michel currently lives in Sacramento and regularly travels between both states visiting family and friends.

Michel has an adult son who is in corporate management and is an aspiring actor/model who lives in Los Angeles, California and a daughter who attends an HBCU in Texas.

This is her first novel.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 516