Frances And Her Password Journey

By Leigh Schulte
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About the Book

Someone stole Frances the Gnome’s hat because her password was not strong enough. To get her hat back, Frances must answer clues to learn about password safety. With her friend Sam, Frances begins her journey. As they learn the importance of password safety, you will too, and you can figure out whether your passwords are safe enough.

These days, children are using the computer at an earlier age, and creating strong passwords is part of the responsibility of safe computer usage. With this book as a guide, children will develop a skill that is crucial in our digital age.

About the Author

Over the last twenty-one years as a computer teacher, Leigh Schulte has taught students of all ages and abilities how to use the computer. In her role, she has also seen technology grow and change, and she knows firsthand the importance of teaching password safety.

Leigh has a son who is seventeen and a daughter who is fourteen. Leigh is also in a loving relationship with a wonderful man who supports her and who has two wonderful children of his own. The six of them are blessed that they blended together as a family so well. As a hobby, Leigh enjoys creating photobooks for her family. Leigh is also involved in Boy Scouts as an Adult Leader and has earned her Gold Award.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 44