Fourteen And Trapped!

By Josephine Anita Ware
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Fourteen and Trapped! is the shocking true story about a teenager who, after being assaulted and becoming pregnant at 14, is married off to her aggressor and forced to suffer years of physical and mental abuse. However, throughout the fear and the pain, whenever the world seemed darkest, she found the Grace of God and His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, and protection, guidance, and purpose in listening to that still-small voice, the gift of the Holy Spirit.

About the Author

Josephine Anita Thulin was a single mother of three, two sons and a daughter, who overcame great obstacles in life to be where she is today. Her autobiography can attest to that. Her life began with time and freedom of choice, through practicing living by faith and following her conscience, which is the gift of the Holy Spirit. 

Thulin received her GED at age 36 and went on to receive her AAS in Administration of Justice from Glendale Community College; a BS in Justice Studies from Arizona State University; and an MBA at Western International University. She has spent many years working as an investigator and for various jobs in the justice system.

Now retired, she is a wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, a homemaker, who attends church every Sunday and has also served as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Relief Society. She enjoys preparing Sunday dinners, celebrating holidays, and attending her Temple; she loves safe environments, gardening, the outdoors, and interior design, shopping for antiques, listening to music and attending live music events, and building upon her faith.

(2021, paperback, 426)

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