Four Sisters

By Glenn Willis Pace
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Four Sisters is an intriguing, action-packed story, based on the age old, continuous struggle between law enforcement and the criminal element… good versus evil.

The story begins when a deal is struck by the Brotherhood of America’s Salvation (BOAS), a group of powerful, wealthy individuals interested in hand-picking the officials running cities all over the United States. Their target is a man named Waters who is running for mayor of Philadelphia. To this end, the Brotherhood enters a $26 million contract with a group known as the Correctors, to whom they assign the task of ‘eliminating’ this man on Election Day, should he be the winner.

The Correctors are a group of highly-educated, well-trained, and very experienced assassins. This group consists of men and women with the signs of the Zodiac as their code names, with Taurus as their leader.

This assignment is particularly difficult because of a twenty-five-year-old pact made with a man on the other side of the law known as Archer, to stay out of Philly. Not only is Archer a retired cop, but his four daughters are all in law enforcement. The pact has caused these two groups to become intertwined, unbeknownst to the four sisters.

Make your way through the labyrinth of plot twists and turns with this family as they become aware of the identity of their combatants and the danger involved. Who will win in the end and at what cost?

About the Author

Glenn Willis Pace got an early start at life being born one month prematurely. He was raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Pace has two brothers and five sisters, so one could say his mother had her hands full!

Published: 2020
Page Count: 146