Four Quarters: A Cultural And Developmental Approach To Transforming Your Spiritual Autobiography

By  Taunya Marie Tinsley, D.Min., Ph.D.
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"This book will remind you why God built you to be in the game, while giving you fundamental principles that are necessary for you to stay motivated to win.”

Bishop Sir Walter Mack Jr. Union Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Four Quarters implements sports metaphors, specifically basketball, that will assist readers with developing their spiritual story/spiritual autobiography. Scriptures and psychological concepts are included to help you make sense and understand your spiritual story. Author Taunya Marie Tinsley's experience of developing her own spiritual autobiography assisted her with understanding who she is; making sense of her journey; and finishing unfinished business from her past while improving her understanding of God and her faith in the process. She hopes readers can model her vulnerability and experiences to assist them with their own personal process.

"Four Quarters is a quick read, but Dr. Taunya slows you down enough to HONESTLY reflect, review, renew and realize God's purpose for your life, without sitting in front of her.”

Karmyn Jefferson, Mark Anthony Hair Salon, Pittsburgh, PA

"Dr. Taunya Tinsley... strategically utilizes her expertise in the field of psychology, counseling, and ministry; along with her knowledge and experience as an athlete, that makes this book a powerful tool to help one look deeply into their own life experience to discover and interpret aspects of their personal story that can be life-changing.”

Rev. Dr. Joan B .Prentice, Founder, Executive Director and Pastor of The Ephesus Project, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“This book is a must read for every scholar and student seeking to understand how they arrived where they are today. It's a necessary read for those desiring to understand how they've been shaped and molded, whether that be good or bad."

Dr. Robert Jackson III, Pastor, St. Paul AME Church ,Miami ,FL

About the Author

Taunya Marie Tinsley, D. Min., Ph.D., NCC , LPC , graduated in December 2005 from Duquesne University with a PhD. In Counselor Education and Supervision. She received her MA degree in Higher Education Administration and College Student Development in 1995 from the University of Iowa. Dr. Tinsley also holds a BA in Business Administration from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN where she was also inducted in the Athletic Hall of Fame in September 2014. In April 2013, Dr. Tinsley completed her requirements for the Certificate in Missional Theology from Biblical Theological Seminary. Finally, in December 2016 Dr. Tinsley earned her Doctor of Ministry with a focus in Prophetic Congregational Development Using 21st Century Methods, Establishing Strong Leadership from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, OH. Dr. Tinsley has a wealth of experience providing appropriate personal and academic growth opportunities for those seeking to become professional master's degree-level counselors as well as for those helping professionals seeking advanced or specialty areas of training and development in multicultural education and counseling, spiritual and Christian interventions, and sports counseling/athlete development.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 146