Forward Design: An Upward Thinking Theory To Build Conceptual Understanding And Critical Thinking

By Dr. James Eustache Philemy
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Forward Design offers a comprehensive model for educational reform, placing the children’s apprenticeship at the center of every decision-making to help them succeed academically, emotionally, and socially. It draws strength from applying the Upward Thinking Theory, a theoretical approach that fosters student agency and serves as a guide for school administrators and practitioners alike.

About the Author

Dr. James Eustache Philemy joined the New York City Department of Education in 1989 as a licensed teacher of common branches, grades 1 to 6, after earning a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Math and Statistics from Stony Brook University in 1986. Subsequently, he received his Master’s in Technological Systems Management and Industrial Engineering in 1987. A licensed bilingual common branch teacher, in the year 1994, he received a Master of Science in Bilingual Education from Long Island University’s Brooklyn campus. Dr. Philemy advanced with his post-graduate studies at Bank Street College of Education in 1995, where he earned an M.Ed in Leadership and Administration.

He is currently retired after serving more than 17 years as principal of P.S./I.S. 208 in Queens, and for over 31 years with NYC Department of Education. During the school year 2018/2019, Dr. Philemy served as master principal for the Office of Leadership, NYC DOE, to mentor/coach five newly assigned principals. He has been a lecturer in the Educational Leadership Program for Stony Brook University and Queens College, preparing aspiring school administrators in school budget and operations, leadership theories, and school building administration.

Dr. Philemy studied at Hofstra University for the degree of Doctor of Education in Specialized Programs in Education. He successfully defended his dissertation entitled: “Parents’ Perception: Understanding Parental Involvement Through the Lens of Community-Based Organizations” in May 2017 and obtained his doctorate in Education and Policy Leadership in August 2017.

Additionally, Dr. Philemy is a humanitarian and philanthropist. As such, he co-founded NEGES (Nest for Educational Growth and Environmental Safety) in 1996 and recently, IMODEL (Institut Moderne de Leogane). With a clear focus on energy conservation and environmental protection, NEGES has been providing technical support and educational assistance to the community of Leogane, Haiti, in environmental protection and energy conservation. After the horrific and devastating earthquake of January 2010, NEGES has played an instrumental role in building community awareness by engaging the underserved neighborhoods in grass roots projects that enhance their knowledge of self, family, and community.

Dr. Philemy is fluent in English, Haitian Creole, French, and Spanish, and passionate for the arts. He excels in free hand art, sketching, calligraphy, painting, and more. As an educator, he strongly believes that children should become proficient in the science of the arts and the arts of the sciences. He is very eclectic in his tastes for art and music. He has developed a strong appreciation for the world's art and design. His hobbies include reading non-fiction, music, sports, free hand drawing, and poetry writing.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 86