Forlorn Hope: Chapter Gluttony: Chronicles Of Sin

By A.L.C.
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Forlorn Hope: Chapter Gluttony

In Forlorn Hope: Chapter Gluttony, Lord Kastellanos is magistrate of the third prefect the Kingdom of Archibald. Berserker is a demon that feasts on the blood of other demons and detests humans, believing their extinction is required to achieve world peace. When Kastellanos rescues Berserker from her coffin, he asserts himself as her master, aspiring to use her powers to his benefit. Together they face battles and anguish that challenge them to be true to who they are.

Readers of this sci-fi fantasy adventure will get to know B, a main character filled with contradiction. While she has turned her back on those she once trusted, she still longs for a place to belong. While getting to know her and others, they will come away with a newfound understanding of the struggles, loneliness, and despair of those considered outcasts in our world.

About the Author

Author A.L.C. is passionate about reading and writing, finding them to be the best method of self-expression and escape. When she has difficulty concentrating, she enjoys the peacefulness of hiking in nature surrounded by trees and clean air. There her mind relaxes, and her imagination once again runs freely. She would love to spend the rest of her life reading and writing and sharing these passions with the world of readers.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 178