Forbidden (2022)

By Dr. Bloodwulf
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In the dark underworld of Revulsion, good has been cast out, and evil reigns. Women to not exist. That is until Jasmine. Destined to inherit all the evil that comes from Hades, Jasmine is trained in the art of evil. A Mission to spread evil on the planet, Earth, takes a new direction as Jasmine is exposed to a deep history of the planet.

Will this new outlook on life in different worlds disrupt the balance between good and evil? Only Jasmine knows, and only Jasmine has the power to change everything.

About the Author

Dr. Bloodwulf has studied Kenpo Karate and is currently a blue belt. She is a horror make-up artist. She wants to dedicate this book to her mother, Stacy Thomas, whose continuous love and support helped be the light on her path. She thanks PA Tramyra, Katrina, kanga-blue. She lives in Aurora, Colorado.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 158

Customer Reviews

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Hell yes

I am like in aw over how morbid and twisted her beautiful mind is. She has such a unique style and has come a long way since her childhood .. Dr bloodwulf self identified as a werewolf but nothing like the stereotypes and keeps that part of her life in the shadows for the most part.. sadly her talent is like most talents lost in a pool of many ...if you read this story you will be sent to an unimaginable world where she dabbles in self expression thru the twisted land of her imagination. Don't judge this book by just the cover..the content is definitely in the young adult

My thoughts

This book is worth the hype worth the stars.. I mean if rl Stiene had a baby with Stephen king and Amelia Atwater Rhodes it would be her...I love how it has its own unique voice ...props to the cover artist but this gal also has a way with words!!!!!!

Just wow!

Omg this is so damn cool and well done . I really hope this lady gets recognition for her work ...someone put this book up for a pultzer prize

This book tho

Where do I begin to explain this ladies talent.. from her unique descriptions to her unique voice she gives in every page .. I really love this story and I wish her success. It's so touching she deserves a book award or mention ...

Very good Protagonist

Under rated please give this lady a chance to spark your interest